Homeownership has been labeled the American Dream, but truly homeownership means different things to different people. It is, however, very important for anyone who is looking at buying a home to understand the responsibilities of being a homeowner in order to enjoy the pleasures of homeownership.

Are You Ready to Become a Homeowner?

The Renting vs. Owning Test is an important step in exploring the potential of owning a home. There are many pro and cons for both renting and owning. Only you can decide if homeownership make sense for you.

Education and Research is free and at your fingertips. Homeownership education professionals can guide you through to process and provide you with tools to help you make the right choices regarding homeownership. They can also help you identify financial assistance to improve your buying power.

Homeownership Classes are available throughout the month at specific locations.

Homeownership Counseling is available by scheduling an appointment with a counselor.

Online Education is available for a fee, but can be taken at your leisure in your own home.

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